The 7 Days of Creation

1.) Day 1a - Heaven and Earth Created
Incomplete: Formless and Empty. Gen1:1-2.

2.) Three Days of Separating to Give Form
Day 1b - Light. Light and Darkness. Gen1:3-5. (and God said, evening and morning)
Day 2 - Air. Waters Above and Waters Below. Gen1:6-8.
Day 3 - Plants. Earth and Seas. Gen1:9-13. (into one place: Pangea, continental drift, Hawaii hot spot)  See images below.  Alfred Wegener, Continental Drift, 1912 - Rejected! Samuel Warren Carey, Plate Tectonics, 1958.

3.) Three Days of Filling the Things He Separated to Fill the Emptiness
Day 4 - Sun and Moon/Stars (in Light and Darkness). Gen1:14-19. (not evolution: light and plants before sun)
Day 5 - Fish and Fowl (in Air and Water). Gen1:20-23.
Day 6 - Animals/Man (on Earth). Gen1:24-31. (let ?us?, Gen2:18 not good)

4.) Rested on the Seventh Day Gen2:1