What About People Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?
People did not begin to spread out on the earth until multiple languages were introduced at the time of the tower of Babel. Noah lived almost to the time of Abraham, so people could ask him about God. At the time of Moses, Israel became God's witness to the other nations in the world. After Jesus' resurrection, Christian believers of Jewish descent were scattered around the world, some groups even showing up in China. Islands like the Hawaiian islands were not settled as early as some theorize. So people were never far from a witness. We might think there are many more Christians in the USA today than in China, but if there was persecution in the USA, a lot of those claiming to be Christians would not do so. Also, God knows the future. He knows whether or not a person will believe the gospel if he hears it. If anyone in the remotest part of the world would be willing to believe, God would make sure the gospel was sent to him.