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I make my books available in paperback and Kindle versions at the cost of publishing, or at the minimum prices Amazon allows at http://amazon.com. When they’re not under publishing restrictions, I also make them free to read online at http://bible.ag or http://wayneodonnell.com.

Jesus told those he sent to preach the gospel, “You have received for free, give for free,” Matt. 10:8. In addition to authoring books, I also teach individuals and small groups in homes and churches. If this book has helped you, and you think it could help others, and you are financially able to do so, please consider supporting this Bible teaching ministry at http://wayneodonnell.com.

After reading any of my books that are on Amazon, even partially, please provide a short review at Amazon.com. Both positive and negative reviews are greatly appreciated!

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  Precious Ointment

Books Free to Read Online!

  In Progress: Predestination to Glory not Faith
In Progress: Decision Making in Acts
In Progress: Harmony of the Gospels and Acts
In Progress: Non-Archaic KJV

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